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Year 2030, rich and poor are more distant than ever. A cruel TV show is the last hopr for many. "Deep, Deeper, Deepest", where the prize is your life.

Dare to enter this deadly maze and fight against other contestants to get all the money you can. Collect the color keys and go deeper to exit alive.


“En un futuro cercano, ricos y pobres están más separados que nunca. Un programa de TV de dudosa integridad es la última esperanza para muchos. “Deep, Deeper, Deepest” donde el premio es tu vida.

Atrévete a entrar en este laberinto mortal y lucha contra otros concursantes para conseguir todo el dinero que puedas. Hazte con las llaves de color para adentrarte más y salir con vida.”


  • Find the exit of the labyrinth (72 rooms)
  • Be quick to pick up coins or clocks, their value will increase
  • You need a key to pass to the next area
  • Use keyboard (Q, A, O, P), cursors or Joystick in port 1 to move
  • Insert disc and write RUN”DISC to play the disc version
  • Insert tape, write RUN” and press PLAY to play de tape version


"Sugar Free" are:

Carlos Perezgrin, code

Antonio Pérez "GreenWeb", musics and sound effects

Ricardo Oyón, graphics

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AuthorCarlos Pérezgrin


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We need games exactly like the one you made. I found out about it from the Gentlemen's Pixel Club video on Facebook, thank you very much. It was really an experience. Skilled!

Thank you

Here is my tribute to your game...

Thanks for your video and showing the game to your people

Gracias por crear un juego tan divertido

muchas gracias paisano

Fantastic game


Nice game!

thanks for the video

Nice concept !

thank you